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Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Pets are cherished companions and important members of the family. Grief after the loss of a pet is a natural response and can affect the entire family in different ways. You or your family members may have feelings of sadness or emptiness; have trouble sleeping, eating or concentrating; or even have physical symptoms such as an upset stomach or headaches. To help you cope, Millspaugh Camerato offers resources for owners and their families who are in need.




We can also help you find ways to honor your pet in a way that is right for you. If you need advice about pet burial or cremation, a phone call to Millspaugh Camerato is all you need.

Today, our pets live longer, healthier lives and enjoy an esteemed position in our households. They make us feel good; even after a tough day, we laugh and enjoy their antics. But pets also make us sad as we anticipate losing them. pet-print-jewelry.pngMeadow Hill’s Buddies give you keepsakes to both celebrate your pets and deal with grief as they move through life’s cycle.  Millspaugh Camerato is pleased to offer “Buddies:  Beloved Pet Keepsakes”.  Please visit Meadow Hill’s website to review their thoughtful and beautiful tributes:  www.meadowhillco.comWhen you have selected the appropriate items, please call us or e-mail with your questions and to obtain price information.

pet-cremation-jewelry.jpgFor those pet owners who opt for cremation, we offer an extensive line of pet memorial cremation urns, keepsake and jewelry.  Browse our Pet Urn and Memorial catalog online http://www.auroraadvantage.com/browseproducts/cremation/petmemorialproducts. To request a copy of this catalog with pricing information, call Bob, Pete or Kris at Millspaugh Camerato today.

Hoegh Industries, the pioneer of pet caskets, has been producing a quality product since 1966. Hoegh pet caskets are vacuum formed out of high-impact plastic styrene. They are available in eight sizes and 30 styles.  Millspaugh Camerato has the ability to over-night deliver these units.  Please visit their website for offerings:  http://www.hoeghpetcaskets.com/products.php

pet-monument.jpgLet us assist you in designing a memorial stone for your beloved pet.  We have access to custom photo ceramic plaques, granite and bluestone markers and other appropriate memorials.