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Pre-planning Benefits

Planning your funeral arrangements in advance can offer you and your family a number of benefits:

Emotional Benefits

  • More Time to Consider Your Options – You and your family will have time to research your options and make well-informed decisions, without feeling rushed
  • A Sense of Accomplishment – You’ll feel good knowing that these arrangements have been taken care of
  • Fewer Family Concerns - Your surviving family members will have less to worry about in the event of your death

Financial Benefits

  • The Pre-payment Option – When you pre-pay, you can lock in today’s prices. Our funeral director will explain each payment method and investment option available, and will help you make a decision that best suits you and your family
  • Your Family Keeps More – When you pre-pay, your estate will owe nothing on funeral expenses. More of your assets and life insurance proceeds will go directly to your family
  • Save the Amount You Need – Once you gain an understanding of all the costs involved, you can earmark a portion of your savings to cover those costs
  • Fewer Last-minute Expenses – When you plan in advance, your family is less likely to incur additional expenses at the time of the funeral.

To request more information regarding pre-planning/pre-arrangement, or to begin the pre-planning process, please call us at 518-943-3240 or, you can complete our easy On-line Pre-arrangement Form now.

Preplanning a funeral is a smart move for many reasons. It allows an individual to make specific choices for his or her funeral - which can be changed later if so desired. It relieves survivors of making decisions about a funeral at a stressful time. What kind of a service did he or she want? Where will the burial take place? With preplanning there is no guess work and no indecision. Preplanning can also set aside the funds for a prefunded funeral so the family will not have to deal with monetary considerations.

You can preplan and prepay your funeral in New York State with complete safety and assurance that your funds will be there when they must be used. If you move out of state, your funds can be transferred to any other funeral home in the country. These consumer protections have been put in place for you and your family thanks to the diligent efforts of the more than 900 member funeral firms of the New York State Funeral Directors Association (NYSFDA) in cooperation with the legislators and governor of New York State.

A consumer – as part of the pre-planning process – may choose to designate any person over the age of 18 (whether related or not) – to make sure that their funeral arrangements are carried out as intended. Although not in any way financially responsible, the named individual would have the sole legal authority to act on behalf of a decedent strictly on funeral/burial matters. NYSFDA funeral homes are able to provide more information on this option, and have copies of all the documents needed to designate an "agent."

Today, funeral directors offer many options based on budget and personal preference for a consumer to consider when preplanning a funeral. Preplanning may or may not involve prepaying.

The first step would be to decide the funeral details. Then arrange a meeting to discuss these details with the family funeral director. If you don't have a family funeral director, you can locate one in your neighborhood on this Web site, which lists NYSFDA member funeral homes by area..

Once the details of the funeral have been finalized, the funeral director will prepare a preneed agreement and fully itemized statement of costs. The consumer has several ways to pay for the funeral. One option is to prepay in full.

The funeral director must, according to New York State law; forward the payment within ten days to an interest-bearing government backed account, or a funeral trust program such as NYSFDA's PrePlan® trust. The PrePlan trust account allows the consumer to make payments on an installment schedule, and to make additional deposits at any time.

Once you've made your prearrangements, keep a copy of your plan and any pertinent paperwork in a safe place other than a bank safe deposit box, and inform a close friend or relative what arrangements you're made and where details may be found. The executor of your estate and your attorney should also have this information.

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